We make hotels better

Exclusive brands, unique concepts, proactive delivery and much more. We know what makes a difference – both for hotel guests and hoteliers.

More to Remember

As the Nordic region’s leading supplier of hotel concepts, we create extraordinary experiences and memorable stories.

A responsible partner

We strive to create sustainable hotel experiences at every stage, together with our customers and suppliers.

Sought-after brands

We have a wide range of exclusive products and guide our customers to brands that match their profile.

Rich Japanese atmosphere

A stay at the Japanese spa hotel Yasuragi just outside Stockholm is an extraordinary experience. The peaceful atmosphere is conveyed not only by the environment, but also by tailor-made swimwear, slippers and not least the famous yukata. We are proud to have created this successful concept.

Are you juggling many tasks at once?

Running a hotel or spa is not easy. Book a video meeting with us and we will tell you how we can make your job a little easier.

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