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Environment & sustainability - we care about creating sustainable experiences

We care about the environment and want to create sustainable experiences for you and your customers. To let you know that we really care, we have made sure to certify ourselves both when it comes to sustainability, quality and the environment. This means that our management continuously works to ensure that the business is conducted in accordance with the guidelines that the company has adopted regarding sustainability, quality and the environment. In the end, you know that the products you buy from us are produced to reduce the environmental impact and that we always ensure that the quality towards you as a customer is the best possible.


Makes demands on suppliers

Our goal is to only use suppliers who use environmentally friendly raw materials and manufacturing processes. Our suppliers must have a clear environmental policy and subcontractors where we have the opportunity to influence the choice and development of our own resp. in our collection of accessories for hotels & restaurants, included products.

This means that requests for ex. steel parts that these should be recyclable. That surface treatment takes place with varnishes and surface materials that are environmentally adapted.

In general, our subcontractors use non-environmentally hazardous raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Our quality policy

We always work for the long-term in the customer and supplier relationship and always strive to be better at what we do at all levels in the company. We see society's requirements in the form of laws and regulations as a minimum level in everything we do.

We make sure to listen to you as a customer. Then we know how we can help you in the best possible way to meet your expectations. By always having competitive prices and fast and correct deliveries, we ensure that you are always satisfied.

Our environmental policy

We make sure to reduce the environmental impact by preventing harmful emissions into the environment that depend on our operations. We choose our suppliers and manufacturers carefully. Environmentally conscious choices are made daily by our employees. This means that our material choices, products and services are developed and improved - all to increase sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

Our environmental certifications

We want you to always get the best service and order products that do not negatively affect the environment. Therefore, it has been important for us to carry out two certifications that show that we make conscious choices and think.

ISO 9001 certification / audit - quality certification

We want to constantly improve and adjust our business to meet your needs. With this quality certification, we ensure that our products and services maintain quality from beginning to end. We have implemented a quality management system and now ensure that we meet the requirements set for the standard ISO 9001. Issued diploma is a proof that our organization's quality work meets the standard - we have the certification.

Our management works daily with:

Customer focus


Employee commitment

Process direction


Fact-based decisions

Relationship management

Issued certificate - ISO 9001

ISO 14001 certification / audit - Environmental certification

Our goal is to minimize our work processes that can negatively affect the environment. The environmental management system helps us to develop our processes, increase customer value and secure the work environment. We see many advantages in working with the environmental management system. We reduce the use of resources, we have lower costs for waste management and we protect our environment. Our quality management system meets the requirements and it is a natural part of our daily operations. We are proud to have the certification and the diploma is a proof that we keep our promises.

Our management works daily with:

Increase process efficiency

Reduce the use of resources and materials

Reduce waste production

Increase share of renewable [resources and systems

Increase competence to protect the environment

Issued certificate - ISO 14001

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