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Prevent the spread of infection with hand alcohol, rapid tests, mouth guards and gloves

Which hand alcohol suits you and your company?

Hand sanitizer or hand disinfection kills bacteria and is a good complement to your staff's daily hand washing. We have a large stock of hand alcohol, Alcogel 80%.  The Covid 19 pandemic is causing problems for companies around the world. For 50 years, Livv has sold guest items and furnishings to hotels and spas in Scandinavia. Covid-19 changed everything in one night and that success story was about to come to an abrupt end.

With fast drive and focus on change, we were able to switch and see opportunities based on, among other things, hand alcohol, which was then in short supply. With our contacts, experience and relationships, we could start selling hansprit immediately. We have chosen to produce a hand spirit that is good for the skin, emollient and that smells good.

Prevent the spread of infection at work

Over the course of a few weeks, staff were laid off all over Sweden. We wanted to create an offer for companies that want to prevent the spread of infection in the workplace. Hand hygiene is incredibly important in these strange times. Hand washing can cause hands to crack. Therefore, we chose to produce hand sanitizer or hand disinfectant with a moisturizing property. Today, we produce 25,000 liters of hand alcohol per week and send them to companies and department stores around the world. The delivery plan amounts to +600 thousand liters of hand alcohol in 2020.

How does hand alcohol work?

Hand alcohol is effective against bacteria, fungi, various viruses and a variety of other microorganisms. Hand sanitizer and hand disinfectant are available in both liquid and gel form. We have chosen to use gel because it is easier to apply on the hands without dripping. The alcohol content of our alcohol gel is 70-80 percent (depending on the size of the bottle and the customer's wishes). We want to offer our customers such a high alcohol content to effectively remove bacteria. The more alcohol, the better the effect simply. Alcohol destroys cell membranes consisting of fats and proteins. The alcohol in the hand alcohol attacks viruses and bacteria in two ways, by puncturing cell membranes and knocking out the function of proteins. Alcohol destroys these components with an almost explosive effect.

Important with hand hygiene

The best defense against bacteria is hand hygiene. Therefore, the hand sanitizer does not replace the daily hand washing. It is therefore best to make sure to wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and water. If you do not have access to water and soap, hand alcohol is a good alternative. Hand disinfectants with an alcohol content of less than 60 percent do not dissolve the coronavirus' fat membrane. Therefore, choose a higher alcohol content in your hand alcohol if you want to prevent the spread of infection. For best results, rub your hands with rubbing alcohol until your hands feel completely dry.

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