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Ansiktsservetter & dispensers till hotell-, SPA- och konferensanläggningar

Facial wipes - this is something that hotel guests really appreciate if it is in the room! Napkins and sanitary bags should also be well stored in a free-standing or wall-mounted dispenser. These napkins and sanitary bags should be easy to refill by staff. The dispenser should be practical and preferably stylish as well. The guest should be able to easily pick up a napkin. As a guest, you really do not want the feeling that the previous guest has touched the napkin at the top!

Who wants to cheat on toilet paper when staying in a hotel?

No one maybe? A much nicer and more luxurious alternative is to be offered facial wipes in the bathroom or why not in the bedroom? Facial wipes are used to advantage for skin care and cleansing. It is gentle on the skin and also a hotel may save on the washing of towels. We can promise that your guest will appreciate paper napkins that are stored in dispensers, it is both easy and hygienic to refill by the staff and the guest will have a better experience.

Facial wipes and dispensers - different types of storage boxes

We sell various dispensers that fit into all environments, both luxury hotel rooms and the self-designed bedroom! We have dispensers for hygienic storage of napkins and sanitary bags in boxes, but also dispensers that can be easily attached to the wall.

Drawer or a box on the wall?

Yes, that's the question! How much space is there in the bathroom? Of course, it is possible to have a free-standing box for storage if space allows, if the surface is next to the sink. But must the dispenser be in the bathroom? No, at least when it comes to face wipes, a box in the bedroom also works. It can be very practical to have a dispenser to attach to the wall, you can choose self-adhesive dispensers or with screw mounting!

5 examples of why guests can appreciate having facial wipes in the hotel room!

Hay fever, more people than you might think suffer from nasal congestion and allergies

• Gently removes makeup

• One final touches before dinner?

• To polish the glasses

• Look good with the shoes

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