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The best equipment for housekeeping for restaurants, hotels, SPAs and conference facilities

Something that is really important is to keep it clean. Having high demands on cleaning pays off. Guests like and thrive in clean rooms, they must under no circumstances find, for example, hairs in the bath or shower. It gives a sour aftertaste and it is something that the guest remembers.

Housekeeping for professionals

When it comes to housekeeping, it is equipment for professionals at work that matters. It is important to organize the cleaning of the rooms as efficiently as possible. We sell super-flexible cleaning trolleys and related items for the trolley that are made for filling. We have everything for the best cleaning!

Housekeeping in a hotel environment

We offer you a large assortment of items needed to keep cleaning in larger and smaller formats. Everything from hygiene & paper towels, drying dispensers, cleaning utensils, cleaning trolleys, cleaning products, refill trolleys to minibars and laundry trolleys.

Housekeeping, how does the work with the cleaning work?

Have you thought about how much to fix for a limited time? A corridor full of rooms, some to be cleaned out completely and some a little easier. The person who cleans has a certain amount of time set aside per room, but the number of rooms to clean varies.

7 steps for cleaning a hotel room

Empty trash and trash

Out with glass, crockery, bed linen and towels

Bed clean

Clean the bathroom: toilet, sink, shower / bath, top up with soap and towels

Clean the bedroom: dust, vacuum and mop the floor.

Fill in new brochures, perhaps products in the minibar or other things that the hotel offers, refill as needed

Report that the room is clean for the next check-in

Housekeeping not really just cleaning The cleaning is not over as the rooms are finished! After the room cleaning, the corridor / floor is usually reviewed, everything should be clean and tidy. Then the cleaning cart must be returned to its place and filled in preparation for the next day. The dirty laundry must be taken to a special place and the rubbish must be thrown away or sorted. Then it may be time to hand in the cleaning list or perhaps forgotten things. Think of the cleaning staff next time you stay in a hotel!

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