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Practical sanitary bags for hotel, SPA and conference facilities

livv.se is a bestseller of sanitary bags and associated dispensers.

Sanitary bags - how did we do without them?

Yes, it worked, we had a completely different society before. Nowadays, we have a completely different view of waste management from households and from industries. Every municipality in Sweden must ensure that waste and rubbish is recycled or incinerated in an appropriate manner.


Sanitary bags - important for hygienic reasons

We must take care of our waste in the best way. Our plastic sanitary bags are for sanitary napkins, tampons, nappies or anything else that must not be flushed down the toilet. These bags are placed in our flexible wall-mounted dispensers.


Sanitary bags - prevents clogging in the toilet

Hygiene items should be placed in these special bags and then placed in the trash or other place intended for garbage. It is very important that there is a well-filled dispenser with sanitary bags near the toilet seat. There should also always be a trash can in the bathroom so that the bag is thrown there! It should be easy for the guest. A hotel owner's nightmare is to stop right in the drain for the reason that guests carelessly and intentionally flushed down things that definitely do not belong in the drain!

In addition to toilet paper, only products from inside the body may be flushed down. If we assume that the hygiene items are placed in the right place, there are still many other things to keep track of that absolutely do not belong in the toilet.


But what do you find in the treatment plants then?

More things than you might think. If flushed things that do not belong in the toilet still manage to get through the pipes to the treatment plant, they cause problems there. Some things like medicine, snus, fimpar and nail polish are really bad for the environment.


14 common things that you must NOT flush down

- pads

- diapers

- tampons

- fimpar

- snus

- medicine

- nail polish

- wet wipes

- hair

- tops

- snus

- cat litter

dental floss

- tights! Yes, tights, not at all an unusual reason to stop.

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