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Practical and flexible changing tables for hotel, SPA and conference facilities

Are you looking for smart, safe and functional changing tables that can be used in public environments? Nowadays, there is usually a place for them in both men's and women's toilets in public toilets. Good service if there may be one in some hotel rooms as well. A wall-mounted changing table is mounted on the wall and simply folds out during use. It saves space and is flexible because it is mostly folded up when not in use. A wall-hung product like this can also fit in very small spaces, they can even be hung above the toilet seat.

Changing table - how does the felling work?

As already mentioned, you attach it to the wall and the disc you lower is equipped with a damping gas spring. Therefore, the disc can be easily folded up and down with just one hand. Very practical when holding a baby on the other arm! When the table is folded up, it locks itself automatically with a snap lock. Super flexible!

A little bragging about our changing tables

Our product Robust is made of FSC-certified wood, beech or oak. The cushion is free of phthalates and PVS. In the "Building Product Assessment", Robust has the highest rating and "Recommended". A wall-mounted changing table is so flexible and unbeatable when it's cleaning time. Our products are available in several stylish colors. Dare to put a color click on the wall!

Changing table without phthalates?

Yes what is it? According to Wikipedia, “phthalates are chemical compounds that are salts or esters of phthalic acid. Terephthalates and isophthalates are salts or esters of the isomers of the phthalic acid terephthalic acid and isophthalic acid, respectively. Phthalates are used as plasticizers in polymers (plastics) such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). " Did you join? Yes, there are no phthalates in this product anyway.

5 facts about our changing tables

The material in this product is that side joists, wall joists, shelves and ceilings are made of FSC-certified solid wood; book or oak

The front panel is a chipboard with melanin or laminate

Cushion with polyether foam included

Locks and hinges are in stainless steel

The dimensions are height: 780 mm, width: 660 mm, depth: raised 200 mm, lowered 770 mm

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