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Snygga och uppskattade badkläder till hotell-, SPA- och konferensanläggningar

We have a good range of swimwear for both women and men at really good prices. Not all guests or visitors think about packing swimwear in their suitcase. In fact, it could also be that the guest has not planned to swim and that he then regrets it! There is always a good reason to sell swimwear where there is a place to swim in.

Swimwear in a classic design

Choose our classic swim shorts, swimsuits or bikinis that are both stylish and stylish in black colors. They are sold at a low price but with an unexpectedly high quality.

Swimwear and swimwear

Around the 19th century, the need arose to cover oneself when bathing in public places. The first swimwear covered almost as much of the body as the everyday clothes of that time did. It was not possible to swim in them, because they had ice-sewn weights so that the dress would not float up in the water. The men's swimsuits also covered the arms and legs but were more close to the body. At the beginning of the 20th century, swimwear became somewhat more practical to use, but it was still inappropriate to swim in it. In the 1920s they became more figure-hugging and already in the 1930s they began to look more like ordinary swimsuits. Even the men still wore swimsuits. Men's swimwear was developed into swimwear, ie the chest bare, in the 1930s. Since the 1950s, these have only varied in trouser length and shape.

Women's swimwear

For women, many different types of alternative swimwear have been developed since the 1950s. The bikini was the first two-piece swimsuit for women, it was "invented" shortly after the Second World War. When it came, it was considered revolutionary and many considered it far too challenging. Nowadays, it is of course completely accepted at all bathing sites.

Have you heard of these then?

Burkini - it is a type of swimwear that is considered to cover enough of the female body to comply with the traditional Muslim bathing dress code, while being light enough to allow swimming

Monokini - a swimsuit from 1964 that left the woman's breasts only. Topless fashion became popular only in the 1970s, but then usually by the woman only using the lower part of a bikini.

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