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Top quality sofa beds for hotel and SPA facilities

We sell fantastic sofa beds in top quality. They are stylish, trendy and practical. At the same time as you have a comfortable sofa in a room, it is easy to make a bed for one or two more people if needed.

Practical sofa beds

The sofa beds we sell are of very good quality. In addition to being stylish, they are very comfortable and comfortable to sit on. We offer many different models in elegant and trendy styles. Corner sofas, 2.5- and 3-seater sofas, sofa beds with chaise longue and also the sofa bed. All with different options for design and how it should be turned into a bed and made into a bed. Welcome to come with your inquiry about models and price.

Sofa bed of importance

Innovative development of sofa beds. Now you can turn a sofa into a bed in a single move without removing back or seat cushions. You can choose a model for sleeping lengthwise or in a forward-lying position. We also have a specially developed sofa model that fits extra well in narrow rooms. There are different ways to store the bed linen. Either store the bed in the back of the sofa or under the seat, waiting to be rolled out for use. Very practical.

A little curious about sofa beds

The sofa bed was launched in the early 20th century. Before that, they had different kinds of sofa beds, these folding benches and pull-out sofas were available in folk environments and simpler city dwellings.

Warning to become a couch potato!

The word is a strange import from the United States, couch potato. Has become synonymous with soffliggare and generally sluggish people. In original meaning; person just sitting on the couch watching TV.

Are you a couch potato?

Lying on the couch and being a couch potato are two variants of an expression of being lazy in general and in particular when it comes to voting in general elections and referendums. Maybe the expression has come from the fact that it is so nice to lie and rest on the couch.

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