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Mattress protection for longer life on your hotel beds

You are probably aware that mattress protection or mattress pad protection protects the bed and the mattress pad, thus extending the life of your hotel beds. The bed mattress cover is placed under the sheet but over the bed mattress and thus protects the bed mattress from stains and dirt that may come from above. We want your hotel guests to sleep well and in addition to protecting your mattresses, the mattress cover can make the bed more comfortable and some even help to regulate the temperature in the bed. Many people sleep a little better in slightly lower temperatures and the mattress cover has double functions when it regulates the heat but also ensures that sweat and moisture do not reach down into the mattress.


Choose mattress covers with high absorbency

Thanks to the filling of polyester wadding in some mattress covers, they have a very good ability to absorb moisture. Our range also includes smart mattress pad protectors with a fluid barrier that fits well in the hotel's family room, where accidents sometimes occur for smaller children.

Quality without chemicals and toxins

Several of our mattress covers meet the requirements of OEKO-TEX standard 100, which means that the textile in the finished product is free of unhealthy chemicals and toxins. To keep mattress covers and bed mattress covers fresh and free of mites, it is a good idea to hang them out on the air from time to time, even when they are not in need of washing. Our range of mattress covers and bed mattress covers spans different qualities and fits mattresses from 80 cm up to 180 cm wide. The mattress and bed mattress covers are quilted and the outer fabric is made of cotton and polyester. They are easy to handle when it comes to removing, washing and then placing in bed again. All mattress and bed mattress covers can be washed at 60 degrees.

Protect the beds with stretch covers

Another way to protect the bed is with a stretch cover. The stretch cover is applied over the mattress itself and also protects the sides of the mattress. Our stretch covers are available in sizes 90x200 cm and 160x200 cm. Combine stretch covers with a bed mattress cover or mattress cover and you have the best possible conditions for fresh beds for your hotel guests!

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