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Find the right quilt and give your guests a better experience

Can a quilt give a crispy and airy feeling? Yep, it actually can. Our hotel blankets should last a long time and suit everyone. We want to give your guests a comfortable and relaxed sleeping environment. Invest in a quilt that has just the right amount of filling and good ventilation for your hotel or conference facility. Several of our products are used by well-known interior designers and in several of Sweden's finest hotels.

Choose allergy-free quilt with hollow fiber

Hollow fiber is good when you want it to suit everyone, because it is allergy-friendly. Perfect in hotels when guests are varied endlessly. The material is flexible, flexible and easy to fluff up. Hollow fiber blankets give a crispy and airy feeling while being easy to care for. The blankets can be washed and tumble dried at high temperatures over and over again without losing their properties.

Down cover feeling with microfiber

Microfiber is also usually called fiber down. This is because the feeling in the quilt is reminiscent of down and gives an airy feeling. More luxurious material with a slightly finer quality simply!

Down for a real hotel feeling

Our duvets are for you who are looking for that fluffy and luxurious feeling for 5-star hotels. Down is a soft, airy and light material that also has good insulating ability. The advantage of natural filling is that duvets with down have a long lifespan and good ability to transport moisture away from the body.

Extend the life of the quilt

By washing your duvets, you extend its life. The duvets can actually shrink so be sure to read the washing recommendations. Make sure there are no holes in the cover before washing and use enzyme-free detergent. Ordinary detergents contain enzymes and remove the natural fat found in down and feathers. Dry the blanket thoroughly and throw in three to four tennis balls to avoid lumps in the filling. You know it's time to change the quilt when the quilt is still lumpy or flat after you have dried it.

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