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Mobile bar counters for restaurants and hotels

We sell very stylish and invaluable mobile bar counters. They are perfect for the big conferences, banquets and other major events where an extra bar is needed. Our bar counters are super nice and hearty. They have everything that is in demand; they are very functional, a stylish design and are of a fantastically high quality.

Mobile bar counters perfect for all major events

Our stylish and well-made bar counters are mobile devices that move easily on wheels. Elegant front with bar design and there are even footrests for a real "bar hang". They have a galvanized inside with storage areas. In addition, there is a sink with drain. There is also space for storing bottles and glass jugs, it could not be more practical given that they are mobile devices.

Mobile bar counters in various designs

There is little to think about when choosing your bar counter. The functionality is already top notch, but maybe you want to influence the look? Do you want to choose a counter with a mahogany stained finish with brass fittings? Also available in black-stained finish with chrome fittings.

A special thought when it comes to bar counters

The modern bar counter - the zinc counter - realized the carpenter Emile Verrière as his idea in Paris in 1821. He wanted to make serving more efficient by allowing one person in one place to serve, do the dishes and talk to the guests at the same time. Fifty years later, there were more than 70,000 bar counters in Paris. The bar counter quickly developed into a social hub where strangers could hang out with each other or the bartender. Ingenious, right? Bar counter, the word bar, is a counter between the waiter and the customer, intended to order drinks from. The name comes from the English word for the metal bar - bar - which is often found in front of the bar as a footrest.

Read this if you want to become a bartender

Here's a recipe for a dry martini.

1 part dry vermouth

2 parts gin


1 green olive

Note that if it is James Bond that is to be served, then he would like vodka instead of gin and then it is important that he gets the drink shaken and not stirred.

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