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Menu folders for restaurants, hotels and conference facilities

Appreciated menu folders in imitation leather for restaurants, hotels, SPAs and conference facilities

A menu folder is a must for restaurants, cafes, bars and all other companies in the industry that sell something to eat and drink. Here, food and drink are presented to the guest and at what price you can place the order for.

Menu folders for different content

The most common menu folder contains a presentation of the dishes served. Often there can be a separate page added to the menu folder for the food with a presentation of the dish of the day or something else that can be a temporary offer.

In slightly finer restaurants, it is quite common for there to be a special menu folder for wine and other beverages.

Menu folders should look good!

Your guests who spend an evening in your restaurant expect good food, maybe something good to drink and a nice service in a pleasant environment. Do not forget the guest's overall impression of the evening. The party starts even before the meal. The menu should not only be a list of prices, no it is much more important than that. It should show that your restaurant seems to be a really interesting place with tempting dishes.

How do you best present your food in menu folders?

All information in as little space as possible! If you can show strength on chili through a figure, for example, it is smooth and easy to understand.

Maybe not all your guests can understand the meaning of the food if it's French specialties? The best if the content is in the right language.

Be sure to check the text, it does NOT look good if there are misspelled words.

Be clear. Some foods must be presented with a correct list of contents, such as gluten-free, etc.



Think of the guest. Take care of your menu folders. You need to make sure that they are not dirty and greasy. They should be presentable and look interesting. So much nicer if they are fresh and inviting.

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