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Shoe polishers for companies and hotels

Appreciated shoe polishers for shops, offices, hotels and conference facilities

Our shoe polishers enhance the overall experience of your guests' stay with you. Who doesn't feel good about shiny, freshly polished shoes? Our customers choose to have them in the entrance to the hotel, conference room, office or shop. An appreciated service when time is short, but the occasion requires well-groomed shoes.

Rough cleaning or just polish off your shoes?

All shoe shine machines have three different brushes for different steps in shoe shine. The brush wheels are powerful for both cleaning and polishing the shoes. You can choose a model with or without a polish container. The cleaning is quick and easy. Most of our shoe polishers have a one minute timer for each brush wheel. Your guests can therefore easily choose whether they just want to polish up their shoes quickly before the taxi arrives or make a total make over before the wedding, conference or business meeting. We dare to promise that the shoes will be like new!

Choose well-polished shoe polishers with a stylish design

Invest in quality and everyone will be satisfied. Our shoe polishers from Heute and Etoile last a long time and you can easily choose a design that fits into your concept. Choose a special color and design that fits in your entrance, reception, restaurant or corridor. All machines are quiet so as not to disturb your guests in public environments.

Learn to polish your shoes step by step

1. Brush off dirt so that it does not settle.

2. Leather cracks if not cared for. Lubricate the shoes with a caring cream that moisturizes the leather, with or without color. The color helps to restore the basic tone of the shoe.

3. Brush the shoes to get a silky glossy finish.

4. Apply wax to protect the shoe.

5. Finish by polishing the shoe an extra time to achieve high gloss.

Five tips on how to choose a shoe polisher:

• The bucket cleaner must be in a place where it is easily accessible so that it can be used

• Select the size depending on how many guests you estimate will use it

• Select a silent bucket cleaner so that it does not interfere

• Find the right design and color that matches your concept

• Choose a machine with a shoe polish container for the best possible shoe polish

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