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Reception clocks for companies, hotels and SPAs

Yes, without a reception clock, how can the staff leave the reception for a few minutes or for a few minutes? An old-fashioned gadget may seem, but it fulfills an important function. In most workplaces in hotels today, the staff is often well-tuned and a slim brave strength. There are many occasions when you as the sole staff have to leave the area for a short time.

Reception clocks are objects to love!

How dare you let the staff sneak away for a while to maybe fix another job in another room? There is always a paper jam in a copier or something that needs to be fixed and moved to another location. Think how practical it is to have a reception clock. What then is a better aid than a clock to ring?

Reception clocks are a real win-win

It's time to put value on such a good thing. In addition to the staff being able to sneak away for a few minutes, it is valuable for the customer, guest or just the visitor to see a reception clock because it means that staff are within earshot. If it's empty behind the counter and we see a bell ringing, then we really know that we'll get help very soon. A ping simply means for the staff that the customer is waiting, at the same time as we as a customer know that the staff will pay attention to the ping and then hopefully will be on site very soon.

Reception clocks in various designs

We sell a more elegant model in solid brass on mahogany stained wooden base. It is possible to mount it on a disc. The simpler model is nickel-plated with a black lacquered metal base.

4 extra uses that you may not have thought of…

When it's time for a wedding talk - pling-pling

Maybe it's time for the schnapps… pling-pling

Do you play charades? Who knows the answer first - pling-pling

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