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Practical luggage trolleys for your hotel lobby

Luggage carts for restaurants, hotels, SPAs and conference facilities


Practical and appreciated luggage trolleys for hotel, SPA and conference facilities Large hotels without large luggage trolleys do not exist! One imagines an old historic hotel from a classic movie from the Riviera… But clearly all the larger hotels still need carts to transport, move and store bags, luggage and travel effects. We sell luggage trolleys in different sizes, models and designs. We also sell luggage piers.

Luggage carts - what is a hotel lobby without these aids?

In order for a well-visited hotel to be managed smoothly, flexible luggage trolleys are of course needed. It is easy for the staff to help with luggage and also store bags temporarily, for example before the guest can check in or when the guest has checked out but wants the hotel to store the bags for a while longer. Nowadays, it is quite common for many people to travel with light luggage. It can be enough to travel with a small cabin or tow bag on wheels, which you can easily carry with you. It can work well for a shorter trip with just a couple of days overnight. But the guests with a larger entourage have completely different needs.

The development of suitcases is fantastic

From suitcases to cabin bags - how did it go? One may wonder why it took so long before the suitcases got wheels! As late as 1972 came this revolutionary "innovation". Imagine that we went and carried suitcases for so long, today we can not imagine buying a larger bag for holiday packing without wheels.

Do you know what an American suitcase is?

It is a well-known symbol of the great emigration from Sweden to North America during the 19th and 20th centuries. The emigrants kept all their belongings in it. Usually the suitcase was made of wood, metal but also of leather. Previously, it had been used as a servant or maid coffin. In Sweden, there are a large number of American suitcases that have been brought back to Sweden by returning emigrants.

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