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Welcome tags for SPA, hotel and conference facilities

Who does not love to be greeted by a welcome tag when entering the hotel room? How appreciated is it not? Most people who come to the hotel have had a journey behind them, shorter or longer. That guest will be happy to see a welcome tray with coffee or tea. Either a cup to rest for a while or a cup to be able to leave the room directly for other tasks.

Welcome tags - a luxurious meeting

Rarely is something as appreciated as being able to have a "free" coffee in the room in peace and quiet. Take off your shoes, put your feet up for a while and, with your own time, relax for a few minutes with a cup of coffee. It's an easy way to win the guest's trust. This gesture does not cost much. There should be a kettle on the tray. Then you need some tea bags, nescafé and preferably a small milk capsule. The icing on the cake can be a small piece of chocolate or cake. This is much appreciated on welcome tags.

Separate welcome tags

Of course, we also sell welcome trays without kettles and in other variants. These tiles are available in mahogany, for example. But also bamboo for copper only. Or sachet holder, it can be a smaller tray with a few compartments where you can place different types with small packages of Nescafé bags, tea bags, sugar cubes, coffee milk in 2-cl portions, etc. Nice and neat!

Badges, not just welcome badges

A badge can also be proof that a person holds a certain position in the service. A police badge is an example of a service sign that a police officer can show if he / she does not wear a uniform, for example. If necessary, the badge can then be displayed and strengthen its service position. Otherwise, the most common form of tray is in its simplicity a common kitchen utensil. Quite simply a kind of disc used to carry things.

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