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Trouser presses for SPA, hotel and conference facilities

A trouser press is a must for overnight guests in a hotel with style. Once the clothes have been unpacked, the trousers may need to be pressed to smooth them out. We sell freestanding electric trouser presses and there are also presses for wall mounting. The electric presses also have feet and at the top there is a hanger, ie like a clothes hanger, just like a gentleman. A valet is a stand where you hang up your clothes, maybe just the jacket if it is to be used the next morning. The trouser presses that are wall-mounted are without gallows and feet.

Comfortable trouser presses

A trouser press is a faster and more comfortable variant of a traditional ironing. Trousers are the garments that are most suitable for this easy-to-handle treatment. When you have to press textiles, it is done with heat, moisture and pressure to create a smooth fabric.

Trouser presses - this is how it works

You put the pants in a press by placing the pants between two flat sides of the press. It warms up and removes wrinkles and gives a firm fold on the fabric. An intention may also be to press special folds into the fabric, for example to press seams apart.

Our trouser presses match the interior nicely

We have a large assortment to choose from. It is easy to match the rest of the decor in the room. Choose between different colors, white or black or why not a trouser press in wooden design? We have beech, oak, mahogany and ash. Or does your style in a satin chrome fit better?

A little curious about trouser presses

The first trouser press was invented in the 1930s by John Corby. It quickly became very popular. It was a simple model that you could attach the pants to and press them flat. In the 1960s, the model was developed by starting to use electric heating elements in the press. A trouser press can be said to be a perfect aid for busy business travelers staying in better hotels.

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