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Indispensable travel adapter for hotel, SPA and conference facilities

All places that have overnight guests should have a travel adapter for sale! We sell the travel adapter of the brand "Skross adapter World to Europe" at an incredibly good price. Anyone who likes to be out and about should of course have packed with this product. But if it stays at home, it is a nice service if the hotel can offer this useful adapter.

Travel adapter prevents surprises

It's not fun to come to another country and discover that you can not charge your computer or phone. This simple model of adapter cures that surprise. Simply described is that if you travel from the UK to Sweden, we have different electrical outlets. Then you just insert the British plug into this adapter that is in the Swedish socket and voila, it works. It covers the most common countries. It should be for sale at every reception!

What an adapter is, really

A word that comes from the English adapt and which means adapt. A very appropriate name for the adapter which is just an adapter. Namely, it makes it possible to adapt a device or function to another device or function so that they are connected and can work together. The adapter itself is usually a separate device that you put together with another device. But the travel adapter is not a voltage or frequency converter. A voltage converter is a product that you need to be able to charge your phone and other devices in the car.

10 things you do not want to forget when you go out and travel


Credit card

Driving license

Travel adapter

Charger for mobile and computer

Hand disinfection & wet wipes

Fluid replacement


Sun protection factor

After sun These things are very good to have already the first day.

Then you have time to buy new things that you may be missing!

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