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Luggage benches for SPA, hotel and conference facilities

A luggage bench is a must for overnight guests at hotels. It is necessary to provide a bench for bags, the guest wants to be able to unpack or bring out the things they need for the night. The bag should be accessible by a reasonably bendable back, it should preferably be at the height of a chair seat. It is very practical if the bench can be folded.

Luggage benches for bags

The bag should not be placed on the bed. It is not enough to lay it on the floor, it is usually too crowded and you do not want to step over it, on the small surface. If there is no luggage bench available, the bag will go up on the bed. Unfortunately, the bedspread or bedding can become unnecessarily dirty. Neither the guest nor the cleaning staff want it.

Practical luggage benches

Choose our movable and folding benches for the best flexibility. Our products match most hotel interiors. How about chrome, rose gold, mahogany, brass or wood in different colors? We also have luggage benches with wall protection. An upright wall cover is a kind of back in the back edge of the bench. When the bag lid is folded up, the lid is prevented from leaning against the wallpaper. A simple detail that can prevent damage to the wall or wallpaper.

Not just luggage seats

A bench is a collective name for several pieces of furniture. The word bench often refers to a simple and rustic piece of furniture with a flat top. It should be a piece of furniture to sit on or a work surface. Benches already appeared in the medieval houses. They served both as seats during the day and as beds at night. There were also wall-mounted coffin benches where you could store things in. With a lid on top, it became a practical bench. The wall-mounted benches had no backrests, but those that were movable could have both backrests or be without.

It starts with the luggage rack

A common order of what a guest does when he / she enters the hotel room:

Puts the bag on the luggage rack

Check out the bathroom

Opens the bag and takes the toiletry bag into the bathroom

Hangs the suit in the closet

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