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Nice toilet brushes for nice hotels

We have a large selection of toilet brushes, ranging from simpler models to more elegant variants of toilet brushes.

Toilet brushes - are there really nice ones?

Yes of course! The finer the hotel, the finer the toilet brushes! It should be stored in a sober toilet brush holder that should be hygienic, simple, functional and of course in a stylish design. Some of the toilet brush holders can be combined perfectly with other items from the suppliers' collection.

Toilet brushes - wall mounted or standing?

These tools, yes cleaning tools - they do not take up much space, but surely they deserve a little love and respect? A standing brush holder is simple and functional. But how flexible is it not with the wall-mounted ones, where it has its very own place? Very practical also from a cleaning point of view for the staff.

A little curious about toilet brushes

A typical toilet brush has a top with coarse bristles and is usually round in shape and followed by a long shaft. Today, toilet brushes are almost always made of plastic, but originally they used wood with pig brushes or with hair from horses, oxen, squirrels and badgers.

How do we best clean the toilet?

Cleaning the toilet may be boring, but important to keep bacteria away. The toilet is the place in the home where most bacteria accumulate and it is important to be careful with the cleaning. To clean the toilet, you need a toilet brush, cloth, sponge, plastic gloves, paper towels / toilet paper and some all-purpose cleaner. In the past, until the early 1990s, the toilet was often cleaned with the disinfectant bleach Chlorine, which is now avoided due to its negative environmental impact.

7 steps to a perfectly cleaned toilet - put on the gloves!

Is it easy to remove the toilet seat? In that case, do it, it goes smoother then.

Inject the detergent under the edge of the overflow drain and let it stand for a while.

Spray the toilet seat and the ring with the detergent and wipe clean with the cloth. Dry until clean and dust-free. Then wipe with a cloth or some toilet paper.

Take a few drops of detergent on a sponge. Remember that it also needs to be cleaned in the cracks under the water tank part of the toilet. Use the edge of the scrub part of the sponge to clean the gap or even better if you have a toothbrush for the purpose.

If the toilet seat has a bulge at the bottom where the screws are stuck in the floor, dust usually accumulates there. Remember to also wipe the dust on the outside of the toilet seat at the bend.

Now it's time to scrub the inside of the toilet seat. Use the toilet brush and detergent until it is clean.

Refit the toilet seat.

Good luck!

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