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Electric hand dryer for hotels and SPA!

Our hand dryers are both practical and stylish and are of a very good quality that we mainly sell to hotel, SPA and conference facilities. An electric hand dryer fits best in a larger space with several toilets or more official toilets.

Hand dryer - what is it really?

Hand dryer is an electrical appliance that dries washed hands using hot air. It replaces towels or disposable towels and is common in public restrooms. Many hand dryers have a built-in IR sensor that allows it to start automatically when you bring your hands to it. Hand dryers have been used since the 1950s.

Should you choose electric hand dryers or paper towels?

Hand dryers can be better for the environment because they do not generate waste, but they consume electricity instead! A study by Environmental Research Management in Oxford found that hand dryers result in less environmental impact than the use of paper towels, based on the assumption that people use two paper towels per drying. There are automatic dispensers for paper towels which, however, can help reduce the waste somewhat by providing a more controlled discharge.

Who likes to go to a toilet where the trash has flooded?

Of course not anyone, but it is a very unpleasant sight that unfortunately you as a guest can meet quite often! From a personnel point of view, installing a hand dryer is a very labor-saving measure!

Hand dryers - 3 examples of labor savings for staff

No work to order, store and constantly keep track of the consumption of paper towels

The staff also does not have to keep track of the waste of these paper towels, ie trash cans that must be emptied and carried out and new garbage bags that must be rigged up and do not have to refill new paper towels

Space is also saved during waste management if the garbage truck does not come every day, this reduces the number of garbage bags on the "garbage dump"

We recommend that you choose an energy-efficient hand dryer with start and stop with an optical sensor!

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