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Elegant umbrella stands for hotel, SPA and conference facilities

Our stylish umbrella stands adorn their place. Choose a stand in an elegant design that may advantageously match other interiors with you. We have many different varieties to choose from. How about brass, chrome, stainless steel, black, white or lattice… the list can be made long? Stylish and useful umbrella stands of the highest quality can be found at livv.se.

Umbrella stand gives order and order… no reception without umbrellas

The place should of course be in the reception, right in the heart of the hotel. Where guests and staff always pass and that they can then borrow an umbrella at any time if needed. These umbrellas need to have their very own place, otherwise there will be no order. You can also store other things in the same place, such as shoe horns, walking sticks, sticks, etc.

An umbrella stand is a stylish interior detail

In addition to being the best place for storing umbrellas, this stand is also a stylish interior detail. It fits perfectly well to place it in the hall or at the front door so that it is easily accessible when you go out and see what the weather is like. Can be a beautiful eye-catcher in the interior too! Umbrellas are usually wet when they return to the reception or the hall, so the umbrella stand should be placed on a floor that can withstand moisture.

A little curious about umbrellas

Umbrella and parasol, are words from the French - one is a protection from the rain and the other a protection from the sun

Umbrellas (as well as umbrellas) were already in use by ancient Assyrians, Egyptians, Chinese and Persians, but then these were reserved only for princes and other high-ranking people.

In Europe, umbrellas began to be used in the 16th century

Have you heard of Sestine umbrellas? It was originally an accessory for wearers of the local folk costume of Sestine. A special umbrella and a traditional craft from Zagreb in Croatia.

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