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Information boards & cabinets for your restaurant or hotel

Information boards & cabinets are reminiscent of a bulletin board, it fulfills about the same function. But the big difference is that it is reserved for more permanent information such as timetables, maps and tourist information. These paintings are often glazed or wrapped in plastic and are usually found in public places where many people pass by. We sell professional and stylish information boards & cabinets for use both indoors and outdoors.

What should you have in these information boards & cabinets?

For example, it can be practical and valuable for a restaurant to display the menu outside the entrance. It can arouse interest and curiosity. Many prospective guests are picky and want to get an idea of ​​what can be served, if it is worth going in. This board can then contain a menu and it can be equipped with lighting. Or why not have the luxury of a top-mounted illuminated opal sign with the option of displaying a backlit logo? Nice and professional. There are many varieties to choose from! It can be smart to choose a lockable cabinet!

Information boards & lockers in hotels

Nowadays, it is easy for guests themselves to find out information that they are interested in. But it can be well worth it and quite easy to get a visitor or guest's attention on an information board that it should still pass.

Difference between bulletin boards and information boards

Bulletin boards appear in the home and in many public places, such as grocery stores, schools, association premises and offices. It is intended for disseminating information and perhaps for advertising, while the one we have at home is usually full of memory stickers and other things. The information board has a different kind of area of ​​use. Here the information can vary and be replaced with a regularity.

Worth thinking about:

- The word bulletin board has been in the Swedish language since 1789

- A refrigerator in the home often acts as a bulletin board

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