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Ice buckets for SPA, hotel and conference facilities

Great to be able to order a bottle of bubbly in the room to celebrate something! If it is white wine or bubbly, an ice bucket belongs. Or it may feel particularly tempting to, as a newly checked-in guest in the room, celebrate the arrival of perhaps a hopefully promising weekend! It is probably no secret that some guests bring their own drinkable drink from home to celebrate the evening before going out to dinner. Simply put as a small pre-party on two hands. A pure joy to discover that the room is gifted with an ice bucket to cool down the travel-hot bubble bottle in. It is of course required that there is ice available, preferably it should be on the same floor! There are usually no problems at the more popular and large hotels in larger cities.

Ice buckets with handle, lid and ice bar

The very meaning of an ice bucket is that the ice cubes in it should be kept frozen for as long as possible. Therefore, the bottle to be cooled down or kept refrigerated should be placed in the ice bucket. When ordering wine at restaurants that are to be kept chilled, the bottle is almost always placed in an ice bucket on or next to the table after the first glass has been refilled. The best ice buckets have double walls that provide the best insulation. Double walls make the ice cubes last longer.

Ice buckets with logo

Make sure to be visible, take the opportunity to order your ice bucket with the hotel's logo on it. Opt for a screen print on the front of the ice bucket. You make sure that it is a nice and appreciated memory that is visible to your guest.

Ice buckets for the party outdoors or the picnic

Ice buckets are the perfect "object" or accessory to keep the summer wine cool or why not the New Year's champagne? An ice bucket is not just a product for hotels and restaurants, it obviously fits just as well in the home for private use. It is just as important there to keep the wine chilled. Maybe not everyone who wants to run back and forth to the refrigerator with the bottle during the hot summer days when you can sit outside and enjoy.

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