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The difference between something ordinary and a memory for life lies in the details. This knowledge has made us the leading supplier of hotel and spa products in scandinavia. We know what actually makes a difference. Whether it´s exclusive fragrances, tailor-made delivery schedules or more sustainable towels.

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Do yourself

a big favor

Running a hotel or spa means a lot of balls in the air. By becoming a contract customer, we will make your life easier. You get your own contact person and delivery plan tailored to your needs. Delivieries arrive just when you need them, without you having to think.

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We make hotels better

Exclusive brands, sustainable products and proactive deliveries - there are many reasons why you should choose us. here we have collected some videos where we tell you how we think and reason to make hotels better.

Spa concept

Create an

overall experience 

A brand is much more than a logo. It is about a whole. we can help you design and produce a unique spa concept where we develop a complete solution with bathrobes, towels, swimwear, slippers etc. Everything according to your own graphic profile and brand. One of our most well-known examles is Yasuragi in Stockholm, where guests can bring the now well-known Japanese yukata home.


We create your spa concept in three steps:

  • We develop a design proposal for products based on your graphic profile
  • You will receive a selection of samples to approve
  • The spa concept is delivered according to a tailor-made delivey schedule


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Private Label


Get your

own product 

A hotel or spa that has its own products breathes both quality and exclusivity. We can tailor soaps and other cosmetic prducts to your name and design. And with our own factory without intermediaries, we ensure the highest quality and best delivery.


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You end up in good company

We are proud to work with some of the Nordics' finest hotels and spas. Everything from the big hotel chains like Scandic, Strawberry and Elite to exclusive spa concepts like The Well, Yasuragi, and Dalecarlia.

We change the future with towels 

Just to produce one kilogram of fabric it takes 10 000-30 000 litres of water. Therefore we have developed a self-composed terry cloth that reduces water consumption by as much as 70 percent and that lasts over 300 washes. The world can actually be changed. 1 towel at a time, or 30 000 litres of water at a time. It depends on how you see it.

Change the world


Let us make your

hotel more sustainable

Making experiences more sustainable is not a temporary trend. We can help you with a life cycle assessmentthat we have developed with RISE, a swedish research group in industrial renewal and sustainable growth. We analyze your product materials, service life and other parameters to then provide concrete suggestions on how you can reduce your climate impact while increasing your profitability

Make my hotel more sustainable

Our brands

You know the feeling when you see an exclusive brand in the bathroom of the hotel where you just checked in. It enhances the overall experience enormously. It's one of those details that takes something from ordinary to memorable. We have a large selection of exclusive brands and are happy to help you choose the ones that suit your hotel or spa best.

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